Announcing the Agora Podcast— with Mark11 and DKD

The Agora podcast is made for Ohmies, by Ohmies. And is now hitting your notifications via Medium!

We’ve always had plans to expand beyond our written format to better cater to some of the time-poor Ohmies — who don’t have time to sit down with their morning coffee for a read.

Now it’s here!

We plan to release two podcasts per week-

The News of the week’ (N.O.W) will trail the Agora Dispatch, releases will be scheduled to drop on Friday, UTC 11:00 am.

This will be the audio discussion of what’s making news around Olympus — Mark11 and DKD will run through the news in a conversational format. This provides more background and context to stories in the Agora Dispatch Newsletter and some that didn’t make it!

The ‘Community interview’ as per the title, will be an interview with a member from the Olympus community! Whether it’s someone from the core team, a community member who’s got something to say or an Ohmie from the infamous OT crew — rest assured you’ll always be in for a good time and a bit of alpha with every interview.

The community interview will drop each Monday, UTC 11:00 am.

We think this will provide a steady stream for Ohmies to enjoy the content at their own pace, not too much, not too little - some would say a healthy equilibrium.

Without further adieu! Sit back, relax and let us take you through the N.O.W!

OlympusDAO community run media — by Ohmies, for Ohmies