The Agora Dispatch — Olympus Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday 7 July 2021


Editorial — Runway as far as the eye can see

$1 MM Treasury DAI to be deposited in AAVE — go for launch!

Exploring integrations:



DAO restructure — @Dudemyguy leading the charge

Olympus is featured in Glassnode Insights

@Wartull onboards a vintage Ohmie — a tale to warm the heart

Olympus x Sushiswap celebration — exclusive NFT giveaway

Twitter thread: OlympusDAO 101

Ohmie of the week: @Smoove (3,3)

@Smoove (3,3) in his natural environment

Numbers at a glance — RFV hits $11.6MM

Number of Ohmies
Staked/Not stake OHM
Olympus RFV
Bond sales
New Dash!

Ohmie profile — @Hades (3,3)

Meme of the Week — First Time Dip? (credit @Smoove (3,3))

First Time Dip?

Opportunities to contribute — join us

OlympusDAO community run media — by Ohmies, for Ohmies