The Agora Dispatch — Olympus Community Weekly Newsletter — Wednesday 2 March 2022

Welcome to the Agora Dispatch — an Olympus community run newsletter — made by Ohmies, for Ohmies!


  • Editorial — Journey before destination
  • Community call with Zeus — on our Bond Centric Future
  • Incubator Report & V2 Request for comment
  • OIP-82A — Spartacus Finance Tender Offer Amendment Again
  • OIP-83 & TAP-6 — Whitelist Frax & Curve v2 pools live on Snapshot
  • Odyssey partnerships — Halls of Olympia, Bunsland, MetaMars
  • Olympus Grants 3,3 Day mini-hackathon jamboree
  • Ohmies of the Week — 🏛 Ωdy3,3eus 🏛
  • Twitter Thread — Wartull on flatness
  • A Map of the Econohmy (credit @yellah99)
  • Meme of the Week — Olympus Standard Deviation (credit: Unbanksy)
  • Opportunities to Contribute — Join Us

Editorial — Journey before destination

Rest assured Ohmies the DAO is only redoubling their efforts in the face of the recent price onslaught — hopefully, the irrational market has had its fill.

The journey was always going to be tough but the sun is shining on shoots of the econohmy — the Incubator reported on its efforts to secure $14mm in token entitlements for the treasury and Grants has secured Metamars arcade platform (launching soon) with OHM directly integrated.

We are just waiting for the market to come back to its senses — no doubt the narrative and attention will return soon enough!

Is that permissionless OP on the horizon?

Incubator Report & V2 Request for comment

After a trial run of 90 days, the Incubator team posted a community update and request for comment on Incubator v2. The numbers are pretty impressive — the equity entitlement to date (value of tokens including those that have vested and are yet to vest) at the time of writing is about $14mm and includes some of our favorite projects such as Vesta Finance, FiatDAO, and Jones DAO.

The team also did an AMA in the discord which is available on Twitch — the report is posted in the forum, available here.

Community call with Zeus — on our Bond Centric Future

Zeus descended from his mountain once more to parlance with us mere mortals — taking some time out from his godly endeavors to chill out and let us know what we could expect with the bond-centric future. Some very cool implications — such as being able to direct market pricing and influence the multi-year yield curve dynamically — dope!

Check it out here:

OIP-82A — Spartacus Finance Tender Offer Amendment — again

OIP-82A builds upon the tender offer extended to Spartacus Finance and offers additional context and transparency that addresses the concerns of several Ohmies raised in regards to the original proposal. For example, the proposal contains better explanations of the RFV accumulation numbers and the liquidity positions set up to absorb sell pressure from Spartacus holders who choose to sell their acquired gOHM. The due diligence math that led to the proposed premium to $SPA holders has also been included.

The updated proposal is live on the Olympus Forum here and it has so far received good support.

OIP-83 and TAP-6 Live on Snapshot

We have two fresh proposals up on snapshot — OIP-83 seeks to deploy OHM-paired pools on Curve v2 — while TAP-6 allows Olympus to stake its treasury assets on Frax Finance to earn passive income. We covered both OIP-83 and TAP-6 in detail last week.

Head on over and cast your vote Ohmies:



Odyssey partnerships — Halls of Olympia, Bunsland, MetaMars

Our friends at Olympus Odyssey are gearing up for the Odyssey NFT marketplace launch (soon), the team recently partnered with a number of projects including Halls of Olympia (HOO), MetaMars, and Bunsland! to whet your appetite.

While Halls of Olympia and Bunsland are more focused on Metaverse and NFTs, MetaMars (made possible by Olympus Grants) is a no-loss arcade that lets you play, own, and earn rewards using $OHM as part of its in-game economy.

Halls of Olympia

HOO sets out to create a social hub that combines gaming, art, and betting. Players would collect and train their NFT gladiators in this Greek-themed game, or meet in the agora to trade items and socialize. The creator also envisions an immersive VR experience where players can interact “face-to-face” with each other from the comfort of their homes.

Sound fun? Simply follow the instructions below for a chance to earn a whitelist spot in HOO:


Bunsland works with talented artists to create beautiful NFTs. Just check out their Olympus collection on opensea and be amazed!

The team is also working on the Next Decade app which allows users to manage their NFTs at their fingertips. Bunsland are doing a Twitter giveaway where Ohmies could be the proud owner of the one-of-three Olympus Buns NFT:


MetaMars is the first gaming platform that utilizes OHM as the in-game currency. It features several free-to-play arcade games and NFTs that players can own to unlock additional features in the MetaMars ecosystem.

Play now:

Own an NFT:

Olympus Grants — DeFi Jam Session 3 March (3,3day2022)

Keep an eye out for the DeFi Jam session coming up on 3 March 2022! Participants get to pitch their DeFi idea in this mini OHM focussed hackathon, and up to 3 participants would walk away with $3,333 of OHM in prize money to let them get going.

Twitter Thread — Wartull on flatness of DAO’s

There is a huge difference between the traditional organization and a DAO, and everyone has their own opinion about what’s better than another. Although a DAO is well-known for its transparency and flat hierarchy, this can both be a very advantageous and hazardous feature depending on how the DAO manages it.

Check out the thread here to see how our turtle sees it.

Ohmie of the week — 🏛 Ωdy3,3eus 🏛

Very few other Ohmies have shown the mettle of Odysseus in the recent bleak days. A powerful voice across the twitterverse — with an endless stream of memes and good vibes — Odysseus has embodied the resilience and resourcefulness of the true Ohmie.

He has successfully managed to keep everyone’s spirits high and remind us all why we are here — to build the DeFi reserve currency. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations Odysseus our Ohmie of the Week!!

A Map of the Econohmy (credit @yellah99)

When Zeus wrote about the Econohmy at the start of the year, it captured many Ohmies’ imagination. From a humble beginning of building up liquidity through bonds, Olympus has grown beyond its niche into other aspects of web3, such as NFTs and lending markets.

Our fellow traveler @yellah99 made this exquisite infographic to give a taste of what’s available in the growing Olympus ecosystem.

Meme of the Week — Olympus Standard Deviation (credit: Unbanksy)

We saw a very playful meme from the DAO core team member Unbanksy which beautifully captures the long and short of why some of us believe so strongly in OHM — memers and dreamers as it were:

Opportunities to contribute — Join Us

To get involved with what is happening atop Mount Olympus, join the DAO Discord.

Once you are in, head to the #dao-start-here channel and read the instruction carefully so that you can get assigned a role.

Have any questions? Just ask in the #general-dao channel and a helpful Ohmie will appear to guide you along your path.

Keep it (3,3), till next week Ohmies — with love from the Agora Dispatch team.




OlympusDAO community run media — by Ohmies, for Ohmies

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Olympus Agora

OlympusDAO community run media — by Ohmies, for Ohmies

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