The Agora Dispatch — Olympus Community Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday 14 July 2021


Editorial — 6,000 Ohmies, one equal temper of heroic hearts

Ohmies turn Shroomers — why you’ve been seeing shroom profiles everywhere

It all begins with Smoove (3,3)!

Keep your guard up Ohmies — scammers are about

DAO Restructured — your adventure awaits

The new structure of the DAO




How the DAO onboarding works: Infographic @Acidpunk

Twitter thread — How (3,3) defeats a simulated bank-run
The higher the RFV — the better for Ohmies

Personalised Ohmie Account Cards — Come get yours!

Rari Fuse Pool — staying safe in the water

Project Odyssey tease — the stage is set

Ohmie of the Week: @Glue (🌲,🌲)

Numbers at a glance — Ohmie numbers pass 6000

Via: Croco.Finance (0x31f8cc382c9898b273eff4e0b7626a6987c846e8)

Ohmie profile — @Drondin

Meme of the Week — Ohmies Go Up (credit @Cartesius (3, 3))

Opportunities to contribute — join us

Post-script — Agora’s Learning ancient-Greek mythology series: Icarus & Daedalus

OlympusDAO community run media — by Ohmies, for Ohmies