FOHMO 4 Recap w/ DKD and Donmijoo

Don and Dropkickdarren run through all the events and updates that you might have missed from FOHMO 4. The 2 day extravaganza included:

  • DJ set from Ekali
  • Poker Tournament w/ Fiskantes
  • Roundtable discussions with Olympus Partners
  • and lots of alfa!

Guest Speakers:

  • Dan Elitzer
  • BoredElonMusk
  • Exalted from LOBIS
  • Sami from [REDACTED]
  • Archimedes from KlimaDAO

We also had all of our favorites ohmies on stage to discuss the latest news regarding:

  • V2 migration
  • Olympus Pro
  • Olympus Give
  • Olympus Incubator
  • Olympus Launch Pad
  • Olympus Wallet Manager

Listen to the full episode below:

Spotify | Apple | Google | Website

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FOHMO 4 Recap w/ Dropkickdarren and Donmijoo



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