EP 17: I.O.W w/ Incooom Finance core team, Monk & Keisha

Dropkickdarren and Mark11 re-discover the lore surrounding the Incooom King and we came across an intriguing project, that goes by the name of Incooom Finance.

A quick game of poker before we eased into things…

We sat down with their core team (Monk & Keisha) to talk about all things Incooom Finance- its core components, game theoretics, and yield-bearing NFTs- but our conversation could’ve gone on for hours…

A term we coined on the podcast- “When brainstorming about the intersection of Defi and NFTs it isn’t dissimilar to a babushka doll. It’s layers upon layers of ideas. One leads to another, which leads to another”. This idea really sums up our conversation and it captures the long-term vision of the project.

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