EP 15: I.O.W w/ OlympusDAO backend specialist, Jeffx


Mark sits down with the OG smart contract specialist, Jeffx.

Jeffx helped build out Olympus when it was just an idea, so there’s a lot to touch on:

  • Crypto origins (1:05)
  • How did you come to be involved in Olympus? (5:58)
  • Protocol expectations when first working at Olympus (9:30)
  • Who else helps on the engineering side? (12:50)
  • Side projects- Odyssey, Incooom Finance (14:20)
  • What other projects in Defi interest you? (19:32)
  • Ethereum, L2 and cross-chain (22:29)
  • Regulation in Defi ( 28:00)
  • Day-2-Day work schedule in the DAO (28:56)
  • Working with Zeus (31:15)

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